Thursday, 4 December 2008

Flatness and Space

"How, with their vision, do they concrete into visual poetry that sticks in our memory and stimulates our thinking?"
Wim Melis
During this project I was mostly interested and concentrated on the use of the medium format camera, which I've never even been holding in my hands before. To feel me comfortable with it I downloaded the manual for Bronica and started to read it very thoroughly.
Mostly my work is more like a research on the given theme. The flatness and the space, the perspective and the feeling of being inside and outside by the same time. The best way to see and feel al them things as I noticed walking around the town is them transitions, passes etc. We use them all the time as shortcuts and being inside them you don't think so often what are they... Who was there 5 minutes before you? They are so still but busy at the same time. It seems that when you enter that kind of space you are the only one in there and when somebody passes it become a bit terrifying because you are so unprotected in them; there is only forward and backward, no lefts or rights. You will definitely feel the deepness of them, although they are on flat paper or screen. I've used 4 different films both in colour and b/w. As usually I'm more fascinated by black and white images where you eye can enjoy details which are often stolen by the colour. The quality of pictures scanned from medium format film is unbelievable. Because it's my first experience it can not be perfect, but I will try to upgrade my skills on this field which is so interesting.
(My research on the project is based on the book NOORDELICHT SENSE OF SPACE and works of Yannick Demmerle who was playing with his film camera in the forest spaces. I really like his works which look like coloured walls but you can even feel the small breeze walking between the forages of the trees.)


Radu said...

i like the colors of the one before last. nice.

Panos Passisis said...

Truly Like All of them, everything that has to do with perceptive, the colours of the one before the last are amazing.