Friday, 16 January 2009

13/11/2008 NARRATIVE

In this project I was trying to find the roots of the narrative, telling the story. Probably narrative must take place in every meaningful photo or painting. Every picture has a story, thousand words which only the viewer can see. There are many different types of telling the story each is right. It can be photo series or photo sequences. It is very important in everyday life as we see it everywhere: in magazines, on TV, in news papers, in slideshows etc. In my research I have looked through the work of Thomas Ripsher ( In “The cell” he invents the space in which he moves different people with different characters, although the look similar each of them is unique. In his works he plays with spaces and heroes in them. My story is a series of pictures which tell a story about the feeling which are coming sometimes and are leaving once. This is a story about people who live in a place which does not belong to them. They feel like this is temporary and this will grow into something better. This is a hidden emotion, closing eyes on some disgusting things is desperate. I tried to explore the unseen thing in the house like that. I’ve done pictures in the creepy corners. It is like you have to different types of understanding things. Probably the best way get rid of fears; paranoia that you’re not at home is to notice more pleasant things. Further you can see my story. I will try to improve it in future to look like a bigger collection. It is an ongoing project.

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