Thursday, 15 January 2009

15/11/08 Studio Photography with Ben Roberts


Series of 5 images that use imaginative lighting.

The project is mostly about the light and the way you can manipulate it. The first thing that I did before preparing to this homework was that I booked the "paglight kit" in the media stores. I was already playing with this tool before but previous experience was quite unsuccessful. I've chosen theme "The one I love". Just because I think there are plenty of feelings I can express about that. There is not enough words to write a love poem for the one you love, there is no unsuccessful pictures with him painted on. I was concentrated on his style of living, on the things he daily does. It's just an ordinary evening and he's plunged in his ocean of sounds. Trying to be unseen I'm recording this moment which is priceless like many others spent looking at the perfect. The room is fool of sounds and an artificial light. I would like the viewer could catch this moment.



Midi Controller



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