Friday, 16 January 2009



Once photography was a very rare thing and people could only collect pictures of celebrities. Now are living in the times when photography is a mass phenomenon but not a luxury. Kodak changed our world with just one phrase: “You push the button, we do the rest.” And here is the result everyone owns now at least some kind of camera and it does not matter if it’s a film camera or a digital one and they are used all the time; anywhere you go there are people taking pictures. This imperfect imaginary – snapshot is integral part of each and everyone’s life. Looking through the different internet sites I was searching for anything linked with vernacular photography I found out that fishing photography is something really interesting and even has its long history. Type fishing in Google and you will be surprised how it’s popular. So I had a look at loads of fishermen picture, I couldn’t stop smiling. Each of the fishermen is happier than another satisfied by his fish harvest. An idea was born in my head inspired by them. I decided to make a Photoshop manipulated image in a style of collage or more a caricature. I made my own fishing trophy pictures with my friends on it. It can be fake but who said that all the others are real?

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