Thursday, 30 April 2009


Zoe Brown Video Project – ‘Living Room’

"We are powerfully connected to the spaces we occupy. They reflect not only who we have been, but where we are headed in life. Consciously or unconsciously, we set intentions that are followed through in body, mind, and spirit. Through awareness of the "stage" we are setting for ourselves, we can choose empowerment by setting good intentions in all areas of our lives."

- Kate Van Slyke

From the first swift overview living room is very ordinary place which is present in every single flat and in every single house. It is a place of relaxation, where your mind is free of borders. Gaston Bachelard in his “Poetics of Space” approved that house is very influential place for every person and it is like a theatre. To understand the importance of being inside from time to time comes when it’s far away. Artist of all the times since Renaissance think of the significance of spaces and their impacts. Boris Pasternak Russian poet has written a whole collection of poems inspired by detailed overview of surrounding. In my video project I wanted to show living room from the new angle, and with a fresh breath, try to settle in it and to pay attention on the details. I didn’t want to use professional video camera, wanted to get the grid on the image so that the viewer would look with more patience and attentiveness. I have placed a small digital video camera on a tripod approximately at six in the morning filming every half an hour for couple of minutes, this video shoot continued till late night. I wanted to create a new much faster than I was usually used to see this space. It came out very intensive, but not calm and relaxing as I was used to see it. A close friend of mine Sibla added creative live music and it came out as a new round living room.

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