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Experiental learning

26/01/08 DIGITAL

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
(Lao Tzu)

The main idea of this project was to create an online portfolio for own work preferably with an introductive animation. As every passionate person I wanted it to be something that would show my best qualities and feelings. I wanted my website to represent me from my best side. While brainstorming and research process I’ve found an image from the web and got an inspiration and idea for my website. It was a scan of a dirty foot so I thought that our feet are a very strong symbol and could represent what I want to message to the viewer. I recollect a story of a little Mermaid by Danish poet Hans Christian Anderson in which feet were a strong symbol and the most desired dream for the protagonist of this sad novel. In my case feet change from dirty to clean, which is a game of symbolism. Dirty foot is a talent and courage to go forward and it is not important that it hurts and is not so soft and it’s true that ₁ really like dancing those who dance with bare foot on a prickly grass.
Mud and Bare Feet

by Marc C Caroll

In the month of June

Nothing better can be

Than a field full of mud

Full of history

Why Abe Lincoln might have stepped

In the mud beneath

And let it squishy squashy between his feet

Though probably not

One thing is true

Nothing is better than

Mud without shoes

Clean foot is a kind of award or the result of hard working and obviously thinking. Bare feet there are so much beauty and reality in them. Treasure H Keith in a book “Rock climbing with my bare feet” said: “I have conquered to become complete; all my life has been a rock climb, travelled in bareness of my feet.” The link between this two concepts dirty and clean, conscientiousness and outcome is the IDEA. Ides they are like tiny little bugs in out head so light and uncatchable.

The photographer who influenced me much in this project is Jaques –Andre Boiffard who was a surrealist in 1930’s.

This project developed in me strong technical knowing in a new software and not only that. It helped me to understand what I want to show my viewer and how I want him to see me.

₁ Old Russian saying

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