Wednesday, 28 January 2009


The Abandoned

As many other students I was at home on Christmas holydays this is why my documentary project is inspired by some scenes from Estonia. I am from a small town on the North-East of country, which is one of many similar around. While massive buildings in 1900s some of the buildings were undeveloped and left standing as they are neighbouring with finished and occupied. Basically they are landscapes people saw many years out of their windows. Also my eye was attracted to the abandoned buildings left on the edges of towns. They make an impression even stronger when you understand that people lived many years in them block houses and now they just keep the forgotten memories. The theme of space interests me from the very beginning of this year and this is one more project proving that spaces are very interesting and important. Space exerts its influence on people just as people exert their influence on space. I was looking at two German photographers Johannes Bruns and Michael Shmidt who were taking pictures of abandoned airports, Berlin unfinished buildings and undeveloped sites after 2nd World War. In my series of pictures there are 3 different buildings. There is so much strange and creepy in them. Once they were someone’s hope and now they are just dead sarcophagus standing among living ones. Today many of them were demolished but some are standing for more than 15 years. I’m probably documenting the last ones of many others instead of which you can see just even plains.


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